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Lamorenita [userpic]


August 8th, 2007 (09:42 pm)

current mood: optimistic
current song: "Stronger" - Kanye West

For those of you who are on my friends list and were able to read my last message know why I been away, for the rest of you just know that my life took a traumatic change, which made me rethink my whole life plans and I'm back with a new and improve attitude. I heard the new Kanye West song on the radio, 'Stronger' and the very first verse let me know that this would be my new theme song from now on, for those of you who haven't heard it, you should. I'm won't fill this up with an update on life, I'll just start by saying things are great and sometimes you must just put things in God's hands because he knows what he is doing. If you're curious, just ask. Love you all, and thanks for all the support these last couple of months.

Lamorenita [userpic]

Nurses need a laugh

March 25th, 2007 (11:35 am)

current mood: chipper
current song: "My Love" - Justin Timberlake

A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital, wearing an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. A young, student nurse appears to give him a partial sponge bath.
"Nurse", he mumbles, from behind the mask. "Are my testicles black?"
Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know, Sir. I'm only here to wash your upper body and feet."
He struggles to ask again, "Nurse, are my testicles black?"
Concerned that he may elevate his blood pressure and heart rate from worry about his testicles, she overcomes her embarrassment and pulls back the covers. She raises his gown, holds his manhood in one hand and his testicles in the other. Then, she takes a close look and says, "There's nothing wrong with them, Sir!"
The man pulls off his oxygen mask, smiles at her and says very slowly,
"Thank you very much. That was wonderful, but, listen very , very closely......
A r e - m y - t e s t - r e s u l t s - back?"

Lamorenita [userpic]

Myspace blog

March 4th, 2007 (12:53 pm)

current mood: accomplished

On Monday February 26, 2007 my paternal grandfather passed away. The week before that I lost my cell phone. unfortunately that was the only way of contact between my father side of the family and me.

I don’t want to start placing blame, but our relationship, I say “our” because is both my little sister and I, with our paternal family was nearly extinct. No Christmas cards, no birthdays calls, no random funny emails or calls to chat about what is going on in life. The sad thing is they live a 3 hour bus ride away. The last time I was over the bridge to visit was 7 years ago, I remember this because I have pictures with my ex at this reunion. This was suppose to be the time when the pack was made, no more bullshit, no more excuses, we are family regardless of the past, lets act that way. I think it this lasted a year, then the relationship faded until it completely disappeared. Fast forward 4 years, my sister and I visit our father, stepmother and brothers over the holidays, we are a 15 minutes car ride away, same area code and everything. This happy reunion last about 3 months, then again. Fades away. Then 2 years later I’m engaged and have no idea how to let my father know about the situation, I start talking to my older sister again, yes I have an older sister, and then to my brother, I ease them into this idea that in less than a year I will be getting married. My cell phone is intact with my brothers, sister and fathers information, so finally I make my move. I strike and tell them the events to follow in a couple of months. Surprise, yet calm about the situation, I feel relief. Then I learn about my grandparents. Our grandmother has had multiple strokes, and currently in a rehab center. Our grandfather who was doing okay, until shortly prior to that was in a coma state, however seemed as though was slowly recovering. That was 3 weeks ago. Then my sister and I added our cousins and brother to our myspace friends. Then I get the call.

Dasha: Ann, did you know our grandfather died?
Ann: What do you mean, what are you talking about?
Dasha: I saw it on Howie’s Myspace, he wrote RIP Abuelo, and no one told us

At this time I wish my cell phone wasn’t in the Bermuda Triangle of phones, I wish I can call to confirm, to see the multiple miss call attempts to talk to my family and see how they are doing. I search phone books after book with no numbers, then I use the most unlikely source to connect with my family.....Myspace. Yes, the same way we found out about grandpa’s death, is the same way we found out about the funeral arrangements, the church mass and our way to get there. I had an opportunity to see my grandmother, doing great and my cousin, some who couldn’t put together a comprehensive sentence last time I saw them, speaking in my level, about the same things I like, about their goals, and aspirations. Even though it wasn’t the best of endings, thanks to Myspace I have had the chance to reunite with my family and this time, no excuses, no BS, no more, we will stick together have Christmas cards and Birthday calls, and Thanksgiving Dinners. Can’t wait to get to know them all and truly be united.

PS. Speaking of Birthdays I don’t know them all, write and let me know.

Lamorenita [userpic]


February 25th, 2007 (11:37 pm)

current mood: sad

Is late at night, when things I say only make sense in my head. I may erase this in the morning tomorrow or leave it to read it in a year when it won't matter much, or maybe matter even more. I must warn you, this is just one of my rambling episodes.

I noticed I use analogies a lot to explain things and at times people understand exactly what I mean yet at other times they don't have the slightest clue what I'm trying to say. I think I have one that would make sense to all. I'm at a point in my life that I want many things for me and my future. I want a career, a great home, a lovely family, a good friends around, flexibility in my time to enjoy all these things, and just overall a good feeling that I'm following the right path and taking the right step to get there. I however, don't feel that my process is making much of an impact. Here I go with my analogy; my life is like a game of Jenga. I start at a point, where everything is all together, strong, no noticeable weakness, pretty intact, yet I don't want to stay in this average level in life, I want to exceed towards my goals, like my peers and the dreams I have always had. However, like the game, as I start to move towards higher expectations, my life becomes shaky, unstable, weak, barely keeping things together. I just need a couple more pieces to help me get to the point of success, yet any wrong step, a fast movement, a heavier piece might destroy me, have my whole life tumble over to the breaking point which I can't come back from. Write now there is work, both my full time and part time to help me keep up with the finance of a new home and a wedding, then there is school which is the only way I can get ahead and grab the jobs the I feel in my heart I truly deserve, then my family which is unstable as hell and I'm dragged in the middle because of guilt and loyalty, also my friends, who I wish I could just hang out with and have a drink, chat about the times when our only worries were making it to school on time to skip that damn detention. I want to start this game again, I think this time around I would know which pieces to grab on to and which to leave alone, but is to late now, is either win or game over.

Lamorenita [userpic]

Happy Birthday to me! ouch, my head hurts

January 20th, 2007 (02:48 pm)

current mood: hungover
current song: Are you serious?

For those who didn't get the message, yesterday I decided to get together with big group of my friends to celebrate my B-day, it was a last minute plan, so don't feel bad if you couldn't make or I forgot to invite you. Well, with a nice size group of six we hit the comedy club and had some laughs, a few drinks and a small bite. And then at 11:30 pm, not quite the end of the night we hit RiRas which had an awesome live band, where we drank, dance and had a great time, at least the part that I remember. I haven't gone out and had this much to drink in years, I'm still recovering so I must type quietly. Lucky me, I can't deny I acted like a fool because my best friend and fiancee have the pictures to prove it. In a way I'm glad that I didn't have a bigger crowd, I might have too many people to send apology notes for embarrassing them or too many people talking about the wild side of me (I'm really a good girl, with naughty tendencies ;P). As I'm shown the pictures of me and my wild night I realized a couple of things, my friends suck when they drink none of then stop me from trying to dance with band members and etc, I am not ashame to do much of anything after a few shots and OMG, I wore that same undershirt for my birthday last year!

I actually had a cute little outfit picked out that morning when I decided I was going out, then while getting ready I spilled lotion on my shirt. This is while my ride is calling me on my cell phone, "Why am I not out here?" So here I go rushing to change my top, grab something on the hanger and is not until today while looking at the incriminating evidence that I notice this detail. So now I must either burn it, trash it, or wear it every year on my birthday, we'll see.
As for the pictures, I planned to release a couple of good ones unto a new slide show I'm working on placing on Myspace, but for now here is my favorite shot, because I can truly see how totally gone I was and yet, even on a close up which I hate, I look innocent ;P Yeah Right!

Lamorenita [userpic]

Our House

December 9th, 2006 (03:18 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: "Christmas shoes" - Newsong

My house warming/engagement party went over wonderful. Tons of our friends and family members stopped by, ate, drank, danced, and had a good time. I was stressed out all week about stuff not being done (i.e. closet doors), but for the most part people didn't notice, care, or thought it was a new modern thing we were doing. And for all those people who had seen it in the beginning when it was still a dump the difference was amazing. I really need to put up my before and after shots, I thought I would get tons of pictures of our place during the party, yet we just got pictures of people, which I guess makes sense. Now this week we are concentration on our holiday decorations, speaking of which I set up my Myspace page with a holiday theme and new slide show of the party so go check it out and let me know what you think. I can't wait for the first Christmas in our new home, is just all so emotional. Alright Chat later, if you are stopping at myspace here is a quick link:



PS for those of you who couldn't attend that doesn't mean you are off the hook, we are going to get together regardless so stop avoiding me ;P.

Lamorenita [userpic]

Let's be thankful

November 24th, 2006 (12:47 am)

current mood: calm
current song: "Tell Me" - Diddy

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a wonderful feast, their bellies are full, spent time with their families and friends and had time to appreciate all they are thankful for. I tried to volunteer my time at a shelter and was told no :O. Actually, it was more like they have an over amount of help on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, they need help the rest of the year. So I decided to give them 3 days next year that aren't the 3 that they always have help for, I think the rest of us should do the same. I might repost this on my myspace. I had a chance to catch up with friends and family, unfortunately I didn't get to spend time with my honey, who works a double today and I work my job tomorrow, so I won't spend time with him until Saturday. They do say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, or in our case, makes me forget how upset I was. Well with all the planning going on in our home I am delighted to say that I have a week until our house warming/engagement party and I feel as though I will have more than enough time to prepare. Every big project is done, except the closet doors, and all the small things that still need to get done will have to wait, and the lights will just be dimmed ;P. About the closets, we will just keep them clean and the cats will be hiding in the computer room to keep intruders from wondering off in there. That's next Saturday, this Saturday most of my girls and I are going to David's Bridal, to look at bridesmaids gown. I was thinking of going to a few places by here first, but the online selections seem plenty full and everyone who goes there gives good reviews, if anyone out there differs let me know so I can make more than one trip. With Christmas around the corner and two weekends full of excitement I'm sure I'll have plenty to say on the weeks to come, as for now, I'm going to sleep my turkey off. Hasta

Lamorenita [userpic]

4 things

November 19th, 2006 (05:21 pm)

current mood: dorky
current song: "Promise" - Ciara

4 things you may/may not know about me.

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Float Nurse @ University Of Penn Health System
2. File Clerk @ Perskie & Wallach (law firm)
3. Customer Service Person (my own personal title) @ Ann Taylor Loft
4. Cocktail Waitress @ Showboat (God I look good in my cleavagefull uniform ;P)

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:

1. Breakfast Club
2. Independence Day
3. Big
4. The Color Purple

C) Four places I have lived:

1. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
2. Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
3. Bronx, New York
4. Pleasantville, New Jersey

D) Four TV shows I love to watch

1. Desperate Housewives
2. House
3. All of the Law & Orders
4. Grey's Anatomy

F) Four websites you visit daily:

1. MySpace.com
2. LiveJournal.com
3. Facebook.com
4. BankofAmerica.com
(I know, I have a problem, I’m working on it)

G) Four of my favorite foods:

1. Empanadas
2.My dad’s lasagna (don’t tell mami)
3. A good grilled Steak, that melts in your mouth
4.Spare Ribs, finger licking good

H) Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. DR
2. PR
3. Cancun
4. In the arms of my true love, instead of the computer ;P (soon enough)

I) Four friends I think will respond:

1. Dasha
2. Danielle
3. Karen
4. Josie

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... and please do not spoil the
fun. Hit forward, delete my answers and type in your answers. Then send
this to a whole bunch of people you know INCLUDING the person who sent it
to you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about
those who know you. Remember to send it back to the person who sent it to

Lamorenita [userpic]

Another Crisis!

November 6th, 2006 (09:01 pm)

current mood: disappointed
current song: "Come to Me"- Diddy

I know, don't stress the small stuff, yet this is a big crisis for me. This is not a life and death situation, not a financial crisis (not yet anyway), not a relationship crisis, not a family member crisis, at least not this week. This time I'm having a hair crisis. Let start back on Saturday. I decided to dye my hair, I thought a nice chestnut brown would brighten my eyes and give my complexion a glow. One of my coworker recently had it lighten and it looks wonderful, so I wanted the same thing, right away. I called my beautician and unfortunately she wouldn't be able to do it during the weekend, so what do I do instead of waiting patiently for her, I do it myself. Better yet I attempted to do it myself. Fast forward to hours later, with me in tears because my hair is breaking off, and a lot of it too. So today I go to work looking a mess and get home and call my hairdresser who won't be able to do anything until Saturday, that is if she could do anything at all. I'm so upset, especially since I have a wedding 7 months away that I want to look stunning at and hair is a big part of that. Anyone have any solutions for my hair crisis? I hope to bring back good news, wish me luck.

Lamorenita [userpic]


October 8th, 2006 (09:05 pm)

current mood: excited
current song: "Fly Eagles Fly"

I usually stay away from LJ because I don't have anything interesting to say, however this last month I have so much to say but no time to say it. These last few weeks I have been meeting with photographers, djs, caters, bakeries, and setting appointments for dress fittings, myself and my bridesmaids who still can't agree on a dress they all like. I'm this close to pulling a brizella and making all my own decisions and screw the world, but I want everyone involve to be happy so here we go.

I just finished watching the Cowboys/Eagles Game, and Eagles won!!!!! Yes, this is a completely different side of me, I was in the marching band in HS, yet never once really paid attention to the game. A couple of weeks ago I went to see the Rutgers/ Howard game with a couple of friends and I had a blast, especially since Rutgers won! I was still very impression with Howard's marching band, and damn those guys can move. Well, working in Philly has made me really excited about the Eagles, especially when they win the bosses are always happier. So since the season began I have heard of the biggest game of the season Eagles vs Cowboys, especially this year since TO switch teams. And after that big OD incident it was something everyone wanted to see. I am so happy to explore this side of me, it is a rush to see your team come from behind and one of my friends was at the arena so after every good play we would call each other on the cell phone and hardly hear each talk over the roars. I loved it. I just took a well deserve day off from wedding planning to enjoy the Eagles game, and good call that was. Okay I off to schedule the many plans my fiancee and I have this week, Monday through Sunday events and as for the Eagles, my VCR will get plenty of use this year. Chat later.

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